Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Santa...

Not going to happen but a gal can dream can't she?So for Christmas Santa I would like the following 3 things and in the same theme no less!

A 1939 World's Fair Bakelite pencil sharpener:

a bakelite thermometer:

and some salt and pepper shakers:

If you could pull that off Santa I'd be pleased and then some!


  1. ohhhh I want thoes too! I ahve a postcard fromthe Worlds Fair! It hangs in the Den of the Casablanca!

  2. Yes a girl can dream but i hope your dream comes true, just i'm not sure that Santa will have enought time to collected the 3 little pretty things asked in one day.
    Have a nice Christmas.


  3. Hopefully you'll find 'em dirt cheap at a flea market someday! You never know... I've found quite a few '39 WF items locally:-) Fingers crossed!