Monday, January 11, 2010

Reading in Style....

Wow!First off let me say this year has gone by so fast already so a belated Happy New Year to everyone,my birthday was on the second and the rest has just been a blur of busy,busy,busy!But ahem *cough,cough* getting back to topic...

I love vintage eyeglasses.Maybe it's my inner geek but I think they're so stylish.I've always been blessed with good eyesight though so never had a reason to wear them until I turned 19.Though my eyes were still good I needed reading glasses because my eyes were starting to have a hard time readjusting once I looked up to see things at a distance.

Unfortunately when I got eyeglasses they weren't in vintage frames,I literally went to the doctors office to a LensCrafter more so just wanting to get it over with .I searched for a vintage pair I liked off and on until I turned 23 and didnt have insurance thus giving up worrying about it.

Luckily here I am at 28 and came across a lot of vintage eye and sunglasses which I bought to sell in my etsy shop but of course had to keep 1 pair for myself when I saw the prescription was the same as my reading glasses!Oh joy!I do love getting a good deal and not having to invest anymore into it.So here's hoping these motivate me to be a good girl and wear my glasses when I read.



  1. look at you miss thing!! SUPER DUPER CUTIE PA_TOOTIE!

  2. Those are AWESOME! I'm still looking for the perfect vintage frames to put my prescription in, you look marvelous in yours!

  3. Oh Des you are so cute! I am the same way about glasses...only I still don't need them and have them!

  4. oohh so nice! These are made for you!!!