Thursday, August 26, 2010

Proper Blog Etiquette...

Sadly you would think this would go without saying but since I've seen these certain issues arise lately I thought I would address some of them and you can either nod your head in agreement or I've taught you a very valuable lesson in what NOT to do in the wonderful world of blogging.Where should be start?

Firstly,remember when your mother taught you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?Some of you may have forgotten.Don't be mean.I hate when people tear down others on their blog.If you're going to leave a comment that someone is fat,ugly,too skinny or anything nasty I have to question are you old enough to use the computer without adult supervision.Grow up.You must lead an empty life if you don't have anyone in real life to be mean to and have to search it out via web.Sucks to be you,keep your toxic not so charming personality to yourself.

The Soap Box drama queens.People like to share their opinions on their blogs,this is no surprise.Please be respectful of other peoples opinions.Remember its THEIR blog,they don't need YOU the reader who is a GUEST on their blog ranting and raving and acting high and mighty.Get over yourself.For example I wear vintage fur.I'd never buy modern fur.I don't know what some of you PETA Nazis expect me to do with my grandmothers fur but sorry I'm keeping it,go have an epileptic fit elsewhere.

Accusing people of being materialistic and vapid.Earth to you,most of us here write vintage blogs,of COURSE its about material items.Look we all have our problems.Some worse than others and we could write about that stuff but I see it this way:I have my problems,you have yours why do I want to burden you with more?No thanks.Lets take a break from the real world and talk about pretty shoes,ok?Fuck yes!Sounds good to me.

Lastly,DO NOT SPAM!Spamming my blog makes me wish I could invent a device that can reach through a computer screen and choke slam you! Do not try to justify it just don't do it!If I choose to promote YOU on MY blog that is one thing but for you to promote yourself on my blog is tacky,tacky,tacky.Remember folks this is all suppose to be fun so lets act right and play nice.Don't be this gal....



  1. Did I tell you how much I love you Des?! You're bleeping awesome! Thank you for the reminder. ;) I hope it sinks in for some people. <3

    I can say that I would never leave a comment on someone else's blog saying anything negative about them...thats terrible. Most of the blogs I red are inspiring and I thank them for their posts. I have some serious self worth issues and reading other people's blogs really helps me see the positive side of things.
    I can't believe there are people out there that have no respect for how others feel, don't they have a conscience?
    Nothing but Nodding from this blogger!

  2. Does someone need a hug?
    I agree with what you say and every now and then someone DOES have to say it.
    Thanks for taking that position on.

    I do not mind people commenting expressing a different opinion, just do NOT tell me my opinion is wrong.

  3. Ooo but can we vent on your blog too? lol...

    I agree with what you say. Completely.

    I mean, these are not political/controversial type blogs.

    If someone's blog is annoying, I simply stop going there.

    If someone is rude, I unfollow them (if I am).

    What tends to annoy me, are those who not just post a link to their blog (hey, all our names have the link, no need to add a second link) but... And I hope I don't offend anyone, the one's who make a little comment, then post a link to their latest post completely unrelated to your post, asking people to go check their blog out... As if they are trying to steal traffic or viewers from your blog.

    Build your own traffic lol...

    Thanks for letting me have my say. =)

  4. Thankyou ! I particularly like the "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all". Even if someone asks for a critique on their shop/blog but I personally struggle to find something positive to say I rather not comment at all..... Life is to short to resort to bully tatics!

  5. I agree with EVERYTHING you have stated. Thanks and lets hope the people who need this will read it.

  6. Gals as we know, are typically catty and to see the world of vintage blogging be so nice has been completely refreshing. I do notice an occasional s#@* stirrer and it's so annoying. I have also experienced a commenter apologizing once they realized their comment was offensive. That is in good form. Also I get annoyed be people veiling their put down within a comment. Either say it or don't. Preferably the latter.

  7. Oh so sorry someone has done this to you. A really sweet blogger friend of mine had nasty things said to her. These things seem to happen to lost of bloggers. The best you can do is just delete them !!
    Take Care sweet lady.

  8. I agree as well! I'm pretty new to this blogging thing and I think everything you touched on is common sense. Then again, there are quite a few people out there with "no common sense" so sadly you had to remind them. :)

  9. Definitely agree (I do like people to express their own opinions, so long as they do so in a constructive way).
    -Andi x