Friday, January 25, 2013

My Dining Room,Before and Work in Progress....

I'd love to say this was a "before and after" but we're not 100% there just yet.The ugly carpet needs to be ripped up and hardwood floors put down and then new border and trim need to go up.The trim is obviously the cheaper thing to do but its pointless to do until the new floors go down.One of many of those home remodel conundrums.And artwork!I've yet to find any vintage art for the dining room so the walls are still bare.

Now I feel bad saying "Before" even as the true before is cheap paneling(Yes,my poor sweet little 1937 home was the victim of a 70's remodel!).But my husband had that ripped down before I showed up with the kids.And for almost 6 months it stayed like this.
83E8BF80-5CCC-41BE-9864-34211674B258-471-000000BD54363EFF, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Torn up water stained wallpaper ,not a great look.

water damaged wall paper

Now growing up I lived in a house that was constantly under construction and I hated it.It was depressing because it was ugly and embarrassing to have friends over.Luckily my remodeling though slower than I want isn't going to take my kids whole childhood.The reality is these things cost money(which I don't have)and curses to you HGTV for making me think magic could happen in 30 minutes with a team of hot carpenters!Where are my hot carpenters?!But I'm not doing too bad for it only being me and the help of my husband here and there.The big projects are the kitchen and bathroom but we'll have to hire professionals for those areas.

So here is the "work in progress" after.And before anyone yells at me compared to the first picture the door looks like dark wood that I painted white,no that's not the case.I love real wood and I wouldn't have painted over it but...but....the person that lived here before had painted it a glossy dark brown!Oh my god why??It was bad.I'll have more glossy brown horror stories to share with you as I am able to show off more progress with the house.Oh and I'm sorry for the dark photos,I chose to do this post on a gray winter day.Hopefully when the time has come for the 100% after photos I'll have a nice sunny day to take photos.

Heywood Wakefield Table Chairs

The walls were in no shape to paint over and the funds weren't there to put up all new drywall so we went with paintable wallpaper.I chose this textured swirl pattern and then painted it Bermuda Blue.Now,if you don't have a good marriage don't even both trying to put up wallpaper together,I'm not even kidding.Hire a professional.If you and your spouse love each-other as much as my husband do you MAY get out alive with only minor tears,obscenities,and objects thrown involved.
swirl wall paper

And now for some more detail shots....Oh hey there is my sweet hi-fi!Yes,records at dinner time is the thing to do at my house.

vintage record plater hifi hi-fi Tammy Wynette

My aqua and gray dinette has been retired down to the basement for now so that my Heywood Wakefield stuff could be brought into the dining room.I'm hoping with the kitchen remodel I MIGHT be able to put it in there if there is room.Sorry little Formica table,I just really,really love my Heywood.

heywood wakefield china cabinet vernonware heavenly days

As I've made mentioned before I lost most of my Vernonware Heavenly Days china when we moved.I decided to stop being so "matchy matchy" and go with "if you like it just buy it!" so in the little over a year that I've lived here I've nickle and dimed my china hutch full of lovely aqua colored vintage china!

vintage aqua atomic china blue heaven

vintage heywood wakefield

This is the was the before light fixture in the dining room.Nice leaf pattern and  I am hanging onto it for now for another room to maybe use in.
66F4D52D-DCCF-475F-838B-D3B078783836-471-000000B73C089A74, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

But then I saw this guy for $1.00 at the thrift and had to pick him up.

8C260E7A-41BE-43C2-9392-3D4C34CB68E6-471-000000B76807631F, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

So there you have it folks.Now exactly where I want it just yet but a heck of a lot better than before!


  1. love it! The Bermuda color is fabulous. what a beautiful place :)

  2. LOVE the wallpaper!!! You are brave to attempt it, I've never tried. Looks great!

  3. LOVE the wallpaper!! You are brave to attempt it, I've never tried for the same reasons you mentioned. Looks great!

  4. Oh gosh those light fittings are fabbylous! I have mismayched china too, you never know you might find more pieces.

  5. Your children will certianly NOT be victims of a reno-childhood! It looks WONDERFUL I love the turquoise on the walls and the curtians. Your light fixture and HeyWake hutch are to die for! It's also good to know that we arent the only ones that listen to LP's during dinner!

  6. You did a great job, I did the same thing in the kitchen, I want to remodel it some day. I'm a big time user of textured paint when the walls aren't so great. I like using the paint with sand in it.

  7. It all looks so pretty! I love that color and over the wallpaper, it looks even better. And yes - wallpaper hanging? I am sure that many couples have ended up in divorce court over that business. I can't imagine doing it for a living. I love your stuff in your china cabinet. I do the same thing - add lots of things that I love. That light fixture - kapok! love!

  8. The room looks great so far.Love your pretty china.Can't wait to see when it's finised.x

  9. Love!!!! The wallpaper is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest!

  10. Wow! What a transformation. The wallpaper, the light fixture and those Blue Heaven dishes in the china cabinet....ooooh I just love it all

  11. I am loving the dining room! I can't wait to get out of this apartment and into a house. LOVE the wallpaper/Bermuda Blue.

  12. Records for dinner... what a splendid idea! Finally, something that might tear us away from that ol' devil Netflix

  13. I really do need to drive up and visit!

  14. I really do need to drive up and visit

  15. I love the paintable wall paper, and the hutch and china is gorgrous!

    What Lola Wants

  16. Oh my goodness!!!! This post has taken me right back to my parent's house - wonderful memories!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  17. I love the color of the walls! That's a color that makes me thing of happy sunny days and swimming pools! <3

  18. great job! i love the ocean ... bermuda blue on the wall.
    good luck on going on witrh the remodeling of your your home. :)

  19. Looks absolutely fabulous! I am about to wallpaper for the first time, fortunately I do have a good marriage but I suspect there will be LOTS of swearing and shouting :o)

    I love your dining room I bet you feel all fabulous and relaxed in there now!