Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wistfully Waiting For Spring...

Yes,technically it is spring but you wouldn't know it in my neck of the woods.The ground is still very covered in snow.I did get tossed a bone yesterday and there was a high of 46!Even though it was too cold to wear my spring dresses it didn't stop me from putting one on for around the house and spend a bit of time longingly gazing into my closet.This dress I'm wearing I  got from Modcloth on sale for $13!I was worried about the length.I'm very funny about length.I prefer things just over my knee and this is right above so it feels a little juvenile but not terribly.Luckily I'm short so its not going mid thigh or something!

 photo 7b4800e0-719d-4e68-a71b-6c938bdde367.jpg

The browns in the dress gave my an excuse to wear my new pieces of Bakelite that I'd found at the thrift store not too long ago.The brown faceted one I found in a bag with another bracelet for 75 cents at an antique mall junk jewelry table.The other brown bangle I got with 2 orange ones not photoed for 85 cents for all of them!The green on I've had for a few years now and can't recall where I got it,I think it was an eBay score.

 photo bf08477c-24df-4d27-88d2-ae336f839517.jpg

I bought this 70's chief ring for $4 on sale from  Bright Baubles and More's shop earlier this week and was happy to have it arrive yesterday so I could wear it.

 photo 5d7de38f-1545-45f3-a2f7-23de023b358e.jpg

This time last year the snow was all gone and it definitely felt like spring,this year I think we're getting the typical UP spring and it won't look like spring for another month.One being that doesn't seem the least bit upset about the snow is my lab Sam.

 photo C2F9AD68-FDF4-4440-B743-CE14F69C9AAE-685-000000E76C47C398.jpg


  1. You look lovely..and your hair is getting long! We had our first sunny and over 50 degree day today and I'll be planting my Spring veggie garden tomorrow! It hurt my eyes to see the snow in you pictures...but my Lab would be doing the same thing in the snow!
    Happy weekend!

  2. That dress is so sublimely lovely. Classic, feminine florals like that are my all-time favourite kind of pattern. Fingers crossed spring returns on your end ASAP!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Ah Spring has also not sprung in the UK, we normally don't get snow as late as this but even we are getting occasional flurries of snow still, usually I love all seasons but I'm getting sick of winter too and want to get my spring clothes out!

  4. Yep, UK is freezing! My man is sick of having to put the heating on, by this time last year it was so warm you would think it was summer (and then it didn't stop raining for 3 months!).

    The dress is absolutely darling and I loooove your Bakelite bargains.

  5. You look gorgeous, I adore your dress!
    The bedspread is so pretty too.