Thursday, April 11, 2013


On Tuesday  I reached my 4 year anniversary of selling on Etsy!It doesn't seem like its been that long but time flies when you're having fun they say.And you know what?It has been fun.I love what I do.To celebrate I've put my shop on 25% off for the week.The sale ends tomorrow night.Here are a few favorites from my shop right now.

etsy leopard pony hair earrings sweater clip 1940s knit dress


  1. Happy four year anniversary! You have some lovely items.

  2. Happy 4 years! It seems to take me that long just to list one thing! Congrats on a successful business! xoxoxoxxo

  3. Congrats of 4 years of doing what you love!

  4. That is awesome! Huge congrats on reaching this milestone. CV just hit four years old last month, too, and while the two aren't the same of course, it's really neat that we've both had important online elements of our lives going strong for four years straight now.

    Here's to the next four and beyond!

    ♥ Jessica