Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes...

I love shoes but what girl doesn't?!Unfortunately as a housewife I don't get to dress up and go out as much as I'd like so most of my vintage shoes are in the closet collecting dust except on those times I feel like vacuuming in high heels,that's not because I'm trying to be some cliche 50's housewife but more so because I never grew out of dressing up.

I was fortunate a few weeks ago to find a pair of "everyday" shoes on Ebay in MY size!and I wont them for a mere $15.51Glory!Glory!Glory!Any vintage shoes lover can tell you how wretchedly annoying it is to have your heart skip a beat over a pair of shoes and then sink to your stomach when it hits you that its not in your size.Shopping for shoes online can be a coin flip even when they are in your size but they fit like a dream.

So ladies and gents check out my "new" Thunderbirds.Box is copyrighted 1954.I love dead stock!Or new old stock as most people prefer to say.Oh and disclaimer should my mother ever become very computer savvy and stumble across my blog I can hear it now so Yes mother those are shoes on the kitchen counter,you'll be so kind as to forgive as they were the only spot safe to take a photo with a wide awake and very grabby toddler.


  1. Eek! Those shoes are AWESOME! *drool*

  2. Oh those are something else! Never seen anything like them. They're really cute!

  3. those are so beautiful! wish i didn't have feet too wide for vintage shoes. haha

  4. Those are sooo swell! What a great find!

    Syd Divine

  5. Love vintage shoes! sad thing I am always worried they will wear out :-( Use with care

  6. Ohh, those are cute!
    Who doesn't love deadstock?! :D

    I have to admit I got too many shoes, it's not funny anymore.
    My man promised me to have a sort out, keep the ones we both like and the rare ones.