Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat...

This year was my daughters first year trick or treating.She did very good,didn't get too scared by it all and used her good manners which does a mother proud.The walk home she proclaimed "Mama,this is the best day of my whole life",aw to be 2 again so easy to please.

My son though clearly too young for trick or treating still tagged along happily in the Baby Bjorn (seriously best invention ever for those of you that have a baby that refuses to be set down without crying about it).


  1. Adorable!!!!!! they both have such cute costumes. ack!

    Also, I have a large collection of slings, when he grows out of the baby bjorn, let me know I have some amazing baby hawks and cool mei tais you could likely have, as I have way to many. hahaha.