Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time to Wrap it Up...

I'm so excited!What has seemed like forever in the making is finally falling into place.Yes,here is a light at the end of the tunnel,I am going home!I thought I'd planned for when it was going to happen,my husband getting the house was the big first step but the rest of it really came together a lot faster than expected and its caused mild issue with my etsy store.

We thought we were going to have movers do this all but it turns out they're MUCH more expensive than we ever thought.The option to DIY became increasingly obvious.My husband is flying out next week to load up a U Haul and drive it back with all our stuff and our dogs.


Here lies the problem,the kids and I are not set to fly out until almost 2 weeks later!That would be a lot of time from the customer point of view to have to wait for an order and I just can't afford to close up shop so I came up with a drastic plan.

I'm going to try and sell as much as I can before the move and the day before I leave just mail(hopefully VERY little) the rest to my new place.But how do you get people to really be interested for this to happen?Make them an offer they can't refuse.Thus,my shop will be 50% off from Oct.28th(now) till November 3rd 11pm PST.

I can't wait to be home!After 6 months away from my husband and only getting a teaser of being back for less than 24 hours when he comes in next week I can't wait to return to some normalcy in my life.It sounds cliche but we often don't know what we have till its gone and this time away from my husband has been hard on us both.When you get married to just sort of expect that the person will be there every day as a part of your life and when situations come up (be it family emergencies like mine,deployment,jail)you realize you take simple pleasures like falling asleep together,seeing each others face,a hug when needed for granted.

Even though care-taking for a family member was honestly a lot harder than I thought, it was also a very humbling experience.I know when I get home I will be in a much better mindset,much more positive and grateful.I'll stop before I get too much more mushy on you all.But I can't wait to be singing this on a daily basis ;)


  1. Hurrah! Where are you moving to? Back to the midwest? Another option would be to put your shop on 'vacation' mode like I see many do. Nothing gets taken down but people cant technically buy. Ill pass around the link for your shop. Im dreadfully broke right now too. Why do you do this to me!

  2. I know about vacation mode,that is what I meant about close shop.I can't afford to go into vacation mode,haha!

    And I know I'm sorry!Everyone always has sales when I'm broke!I'm like "whhhhhhyyyyyyyy?!?!"

  3. *Woot* I am glad you are finally getting what you were waiting for! You must be SOOO EXCITED.
    Heck even I am excited I want to see your new place!

  4. Congratulations and good luck! I'll check out your store course I shoudln't buy anything becuase I'll just have to move it! oh well...