Tuesday, May 29, 2012

China Pattern Addict...

I try and limit the things I collect,I really do.Vintage china patterns are a hard one for me to resist.Today while I was out thrifting I feel like the vintage gods were telling me "sure,2 more patterns is TOTALLY okay to add to your already all over the place pattern list!" So I did.I went ahead and picked up the Canonsburg Temporama gravy boat
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and the 2 Taylor Smith & Taylor Cathay dinner plates.
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The blues blend in well with my already existing Vernonware Heavenly Days,Canonsburg Florence, and Franciscan Oasis displayed lovingly in my Heywood Wakefield china cabinet.You'll be able to see that they mesh together well when I get the dining room finished (yeah,still waiting to get base board trim!So close yet so far!)

To show I do have SOME restraint though,look at all these darling patterns on these teacups I passed on today!And they were only 25 cents which I think shows extra praise!

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In my head I'm justifying going back and using them to make candles in...that way I won't feel the need to collect ALL the pattern.Gods,I need help I know.Vintage china patterns are like Pokemon for me,there is this weird need to collect them all!


  1. Whoowhee..I'm the same way! I don't care if I have a whole set of anything but I want one of all of the pretty patterns. It's like they're collectibles - collect one of each! :)

  2. I have the salt and peppers to go with the creamer. And the Cathay is our everyday china set! Want that creamer!

  3. I would have totally bought these as well. I just can't resist a beautiful mid century pattern! :)

  4. I love vintage glassware so I can definitely sympathize. Plus mix and match china is very modern in and of itself! I'd like to see how you arrange all your tea cups. I have a ton and don't plan to stop buying, but proper storage is a must.

  5. OOOH, I love that gravy boat! It's really hard to limit yourself to just one pattern.