Monday, June 8, 2009

I Hope This Doesn't Ruin My Little Pony For Her...

In family news Sunday for us is "family day"... I mean really everyday is family day but more so it's take Heidi to the park day.She had a blast as always and she loves the swings.We're delighted that they opened up a zoo there too and it's free!It's tiny but it has a good variety of animals and things to do,plus did I mention its free?!

One of the features is a petting zoo with goats and ponies.We opted NOT to let Heidi in there this time and instead she seemed content petting one of the ponies through the fence...until she stopped and started paying attention to another pony that had walked up and pony number 1 bit her!It didn't break the skin but it gave her an instant bruise you could see under the teeth marks on her arm.Poor dear!She of course sobbed and kept repeating over and over "bad horse it bit me!Why?!"

I am proud of my hubby he controlled his overprotectiveness and didn't punch the pony.I know the thought seems silly but he told me right as we were walking away he had thought about it and then decided such a thing would probably be frowned upon and he didn't want Heidi to end up banned for life from the zoo because her Papa once punched a pony,hahaha!I do feel that in the future any boy unfortunate enough to foolishly break our daughters heart won't ever fair so lucky as that pony.

We took her to the gift shop afterwards where she fell in love with a penguin and declared "Happy Feet!" (which we had just watched this morning).My husband told me to take her outside and he'd meet us out there.I took her over to the fountain and a few minutes later out Papa arrived the hero with a penguin for her.$3.48 to buy your child some happiness and sort of make up for when ponies attack is priceless.

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