Friday, June 5, 2009

I Broke My Own Rule...

Sorry I've been horrid at updating lately.I had my daughters second birthday on Sunday,my mother in law in from California and a nasty cold I can't seem to shake.All have left me rather unmotivated and quite behind on this,that and the other.Also my husband getting laid off probably doesn't help either.If I'm on the computer he'd much rather I sit on the couch with him and watch movies but as far as electrontic vices mine has always been a preference of internet over television (epsecially since our movie tastes are QUITE different).

But getting back on topic I broke one of my own rules a few weeks ago.If something doesn't work I don't buy it regardless of how cute it is.It helps my house from becoming overcrowded with vintage items.Same rule I had to apply with lamps,if it's not in a pair I don't buy it just because there are too many cute single lamps out there,I'd get out of control..however I would SOOOO break that rule should I ever stumble across some Moss lamps which I have pined over since I was 18.

I saw it at the antique mall this lovely little deco Apollo alarm clock that doesn't work.But I was drawn to it...and for $6.00 it wasn't like I was breaking the bank I just really liked it and had a "it will be mine,oh yes it will be" moment and purchased it.

Plus it looks just right next to my aluminum dish with bakelite that I got a few months ago at the same antique mall for $3.00 or $4.00.

As I pictured these I was horrified as I looked at my once overflowing lucite bracelet and necklace display and earring tree and wondered "wow have I really sold off THAT much of my personal collection?" The sad answer to that is yes *le sigh* eh but starting over is the fun part sometimes right?


  1. Oh how cute! The clock fits perfectly there! What great things you have on your vanity.

  2. thanks!those were my grandmothers,Im so envious of her think nose I can't wear them for too long cause they pinch but I'd never sell them either.