Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Just Not My Cup of Tea...

Oh I know,I know I'm probably sending easily half my blogspot buddies mouth agape right now and you'll please forgive me but I'm just not into tiki.I can appreciate it and I think a lot of it is cute but as far as collecting it for myself it's never been my fancy.I do stumble across it a lot though as I did with this lot of vintage swizzle sticks.I am convinced come hell our high water by next year we WILL be in a house so I've been stocking up here and there on my vintage barware items again for lovely cocktail parties that I will be throwing in my new house,it'll happen oh yes it will!

But these I can't use...I think it's because I already have just too many themes and tiki for me is one that could easily get out of control so I just say no but should you be a yes man for tiki check out the lot I just listed in my etsy shop!

it's Tiki Time!

1 comment:

  1. i have never been a fan of tiki either.

    but really, in the decor scheme of things, I am into Victorian era stuff. NOT atomic era.