Saturday, January 1, 2011

And in a Flash....

I'm not sure why but as you get older the years seem to go by faster.Here are are again at the start of a new year.I have good feelings for least I hope I'm right I could use some good.The last 2 years have been testing to say the least but my family and I have prevailed and I feel like fate might toss us a bone.

I hope all the best for my readers out there too!I thought I'd let the kids stay up late last night but the boy only made it to 10 minutes past his normal bedtime and the girlie girl only made it till 9.Hubby and I were both snuggled asleep by 11:30.That is how I prefer my new years,nice and hungover free!Speaking of things that flash like time,apparently so does my tea towel!How naughty!

Isn't that freaking amazing?!Another bit of goodness I got from our trip north.She gave me a good laugh when I discovered that her skirt lifted and she was rockin' all that sass underneath her otherwise formal attire.Happy New Years again!I'm off for now to conquer the day.


  1. Ha ha love the tea towel. They had one of these as a HUGE billboard advertising underwear when I lived in Wellington. Wellington is known for being an extremely windy city so her skirt flew up rather frequently. Naturally people without a sense of humour complained about it and it had to be taken down!
    Happy new year!

  2. Yeah... I had a quite night in as well. Not even a hint of naughty like your fantastic tea towel!