Friday, February 18, 2011

A Very Happy Valentines For Me!

Hubby and I don't really make a big fuss over Valentines.We do small things throughout the year to show eachother that we appreciate the other but that doesn't mean we didn't use Valentines as an excuse to treat eachother.Since we're trying to save for a car,moving expenses and a down payment on a house a big "to do" just seemed especially silly right now.I did indulge his video game geekery with a new game and he indulged my vintage nerdery with this fabulous vintage brooch!*Squeals*

I'm a little late showing it off because it just showed up.Even though it was bought well before Valentines it was bought off Ebay which is just a sure way to insure some form of disappointment when doing business with them.I'm definitely team Etsy not just because I sell on there but because the buying has very seldom disappointed me...where as with Ebay its more likely that I will be annoyed versus pleased.Any who,less complaining more *squealing*



  1. Oh that is really really cute!!!

    I agree Team Etsy for me. Every dealing I have on Ebay is annoying. Just ship the damn thing!

  2. That is soooo cute! I just started my own etsy store after lot of people like you convinced me of it's merits! I don't have much in there right now but I'm hoping to be a convert :o)

  3. Trixie EXACTLY!Its ALWAYS slower than snails shipping,item not as described or BOTH!Over ebay mostly but eh sometimes you can still get a good deal.I'm just a REALLY bad sore loser and I hate getting outbid so Etsy is better since I can just flat out buy something and be done with it.

    Thanks Dolly!

    Straight Talking Mama good luck with your etsy shop!The transition can be odd at first but once you cross over you'll prefer it.Normally I find shops I really love on Etsy and just stick with them since they constantly have cute things I'll like in them.