Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Holidays,Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Me...

I hope whatever you celebrate your holiday was a happy one.Safe to say December was not a big blogging month for me as I only did one post.That's ok,you were probably all very busy too so you didn't notice,unless you're stalking me.Are you stalking me?Cause that would be super(kidding,don't be creepy)!

New Years came and went quietly in my home and today I celebrate my 30th birthday!I can remember being 15 and thinking 30 was light years away.Now its here.I don't feel old like I thought I would then,just a hell of a lot wiser.30 does make me feel "grown up" though...except I still say "dude" too much.Probably always will.You can take the gal out of SoCal but you can't take the SoCal out of the girl.

30 is the start of a new decade for me.I'm more comfortable in who I am,what I want to be,and what I want to do in my life.Do I have it all figured out?Certainly not,no one does but in comparison to my 20's I'm not sad to leave them behind.Time is short,it sounds cliche but it does go by faster than you think.Moments you waste unhappy are moments you can't have back so don't squander them.

I'm learning to let go of past hurts,to stop trying to figure out "why" all the time and realize somethings just are,learning I need to be happy in the moment instead of stressing about the past or future.Time is NOT on your side.It goes on with or without you so make the best of the time you're allowed.


Like my collection of broken pocket watches?I plan on stringing them up on silk chord,just not sure where I'll be displaying them just yet.As far as thrifting in my new town I haven't done nearly as much as I'd like.I did pick myself up these red pretties about a month ago though.$3.00!My inner nerd...ok my totally out of the closet flaming nerd self LOVES them!I either seem to be drawn to elegant heels,simple classic flats and nerdy shoes of the oxford and bowling variety.Plus red!You can never have enough red shoes!


House wise I'm happy to say since my last post I am now the proud owner of a washer and dryer!It took 3 days to get caught up on all the laundry but good bye laundry mat hello the simple task of going down to the basement!I wish I could share with you another room I've finished but so far Heidi's room remains the only room in the house done 100%.Dining room is 99% down but not ready to show yet.Bathroom is about 90% and everything else oh baby I need to come into some money cause those are some pricey projects!Especially the kitchen!Yikes!But for now I'll share with you some of the vintage light fixtures in the home.


I'm off for now to enjoy these lovely white out conditions that will keep us inside today and hope that hubs gets home safe.Oh and will the winner of my last giveaway please get back to me with an address!If not I'll be doing another drawing soon.Hope all of you are having a fantastic 2012 so far!


  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

    I been enjoying my 30's and I agree with what you said about knowing yourself better in your 30's. I finally considered myself a grown up in my 30's! hahaha


  2. Happy birthday! My 30's were awesome! I wish the same for you!

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday too! 30's are great you really grow into yourself.

    Love the light fittings, that is something I really need to address, our bedroom is 99% done but I'm ashamed to say I still have a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling!

  4. Happy Birthday to you lovely lady! :D
    A very inspiring post too, my New Years resolution is to stop worrying so much and to learn to enjoy the now.
    Hope you have had a wonderful day.
    Kelly-Marie x

  5. Happy birthday!!!! X

  6. ~*Happy Birthday*~
    "I was right where your at 3 months and a little ago! It totally creeped me out and I was not happy about turning 30. But about a month or so after my Birthday I realized.... It was not the BIGGEST deal in the world. *lol*
    I will be okay =p

    I love the light fixtures. My fave is the bottom right.

    Happy 2012!

  7. Happy birthday and welcome to the 30s club! I'm enjoying my 30s more than any other decade so hope you do too. And absolutely agree that you can never have too many red shoes :)

  8. Well happy birthday then! Turning 30 isn't really as scary as some people think. Tho when that day happened to me I flew from Sweden to LA. Because of the time difference I managed to turn 30 three times during the flight! The first time was a bit disturbing. The second felt ok. The third time I was almost sleeping... :) xx

  9. Happy birthday and new years to you as well. Love the light fixtures!!! My 30s were my favorite as well. I just turned 40 so I am hoping my 40s will become my new favorite!