Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hmmm... I think any time you get more of 2 of the same you start to get a theme.Apparently my Etsy shop I just noticed is filled with all sorts of jackassery as I now I have 3 vintage donkey items in it!Hahaha!Or should I be saying Hee haw?(yes I'm so cheesey I know,I know)

children's book copyrighted 1951:

Vintage Gerry's pin:

children's book copyrighted 1950:

In baby news I heard nothing from my doctors office this morning which is good and that good news was confirmed as I was downtown today with Heidi going to the post office when I ran into my doctor and his lovely wife and he said hello and that yes everything was normal on my glucose results so hooray for that!Oh and on a side note whatever you believe in say a prayer or send good thoughts for my doctors wife.She has brain cancer!=(
I couldn't imagine how scary that has to be to be happily married to someone for over 40 years and then the thought of them taken away from you in such a horrible manner.My husband and I made the mistake of asking how she was a few visits ago and there is just something heartbreaking about watching a grown man tear up and struggle for his composure to answer "she's ok".Aw,poor guy you can just tell me loves her so much.


  1. The donkeys are cute, glad to hear your good news, and so sad to hear about your doctor's wife. I've said a prayer for them.