Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Pays To Be a Pack Rat Sometimes...

I fail at blogging lately.I've had a lot to write just *le sigh* no time to do it.As though sensing that things will change soon (12 days away from my due date as of today) my daughter and my dog have been at my heels non stop and even at night we're having issues with them giving me a little space.I have a hard enough time getting out of bed and oh I know it sounds bratty of me but its wretched when you wake up to pee every hour and you've woken up sandwiched between a dog and a toddler that has snuck into your bed yet again.I can't get out of the bed without waking them up and then I have this little crowd following me because apparently I can't do this simple task of emptying my bladder's hard to be loved sometimes!

While the hubby is home and the lil Miss is entertained my Finding Nemo (thank you Pixar I seriously freaking love you) let me show off these cute vintage boy jumpers I bought quite some time ago "just incase I ever had a boy",they were only a dollar too so it wasn't a great loss if that day didnt come but here it is only 12 days away!

this on is missing a button but I'm just going to replace all the buttons with some vintage red ones I've been had that I was saving for some sort of project:


  1. So cute! My son has quite a few vintage outfits. He looks so darn cute and we always receive so many compliments, especially from older ladies!