Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Souvenirs From Jersey...

We spent the 4th of July in Point Pleasant New Jersey.It was a fun trip that I of course ended up forgetting my camera.15 hour road trips aren't the best idea when pregnant and I wouldn't recommend it but it was a last minute "we won't get the chance to do this again for awhile" affair and quite worth it.

Being from California I'm use to high prices...or so I thought.The mid-west has utterly spoiled me and being in a place that has such high prices again was a shock.Our friends live a couple blocks from the beach and it's a tourist town so it's to be expected I suppose but the thrill of treasure hunting in a new town was quickly killed when I started noticing the cost of things.

Despite that if you do search hard enough you will find something and I did for $5.00!It cute 1950's jumper for my daughter.It will be about 3 years before she fits into it but oh kids clothes they really just don't make them like they use to (I could say that for so many things really but clothes for sure is one of them).The jumper will be super cute with a short sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar!Sorry the pictures aren't the best.At night when I have time I'm scared to sneak into my daughters room to get it out of the closet due to the fact that if I wake her up it would take FOREVER to get her back to sleep and trying to take them during the day like I did just now ended in me taking a picture of the dress laid out on the bed while she jumped on the bed,fun stuff.

the back:

and a close up of the trim:

In baby news I'm 37 weeks today!Considered full term now so if he wants to come early I'm ok with that.Preferably not before the 28th when my mother flies in though...too bad babies don't take request on when they arrive.

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