Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Screw Christmas in July I'd Rather Prep For Autumn...

Fall is definitely my favorite season.Living somewhere you can actually see the change in seasons is fantastic too.For as much as I loath Indiana Summers it's all but made up for with the falling of a leaf.Everyone's big on the whole Christmas in July thing but me personally I'd be happy moving to Fall.Even my Etsy shop right now seems to be showing off early signs of Autumn!

some vintage leaf hankies:

vintage Sarah Coventry leaf earrings:

and this lovely vintage acorn hat:

Now if only the weather could pretend it's Autumn so I could enjoy some hot apple cider life would be grand.... oh and let's not forget pumpkin Chai spice Coffee Mate creamer being available again,mmm yes please!


  1. I love the color combos on the handkerchiefs!

  2. thanks they're so pretty aren't they?!If they don't sell I'll definitely have to keep them.

  3. I totally love the 2nd hankie!