Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Hot Mess...

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday,I now get to enjoy 6 months of him not telling me I'm "robbing the cradle" until my next birthday when I get to be a different number age than him again...oh the maturity levels of a younger man and go figure the one time I date one I end up marrying him and setting myself up for years of this torment.Gods help me when I turn 30 !Hahaha!

Proof that my darling husband is a bit of a sourpuss he requested lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting which I happily made for him and seriously spent an hour frosting them to perfection,they were glorious.Surely magazine worthy!So you can imagine my utter dismay when I went to go grab one to answer the call of late night snacking and found this!

The sad thing is it was a nice 66 degrees outside today but our darn upstairs apartment was a whopping 90 degrees!Even with the windows all open I couldn't get it to cool down enough in here but couldn't justify turning on the AC when its that cool outside so instead we just enjoyed the effects of hot air rising.Thanks weather for ruining my cupcakes,you've made them ugly muffins.


  1. heehee I know right,they're so pathetic looking now.

  2. aw thanks but they were much cuter before the heat got to them.

  3. I would still eat them. They look delicious.