Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Bettie Page!

Midnight quickly approaches here for us in the eastern time zone so before it gets too much later I just wanted to give a special nod for the late great Bettie Page.If you loved her,hated her or thought she was overrated you can't deny that she was a pretty gal that inspired and continues to inspire many modern day vintage loving ladies.

As I mentioned it's late and I'm lazy,its been a long day so I'm just going to use an older photo (from last January,aw I was just at the start of my pregnancy with my son then,how time does fly!)that shows off my Bettie Page tattoo.She was my first tattoo at the tender age of 18 and it seems crazy that my tattoo is already 10 years old!Bettie always struck me as a natural in front of the camera with positive body image,an important thing for all is ladies to embrace!Happy Birthday Bettie Page,you're gone in body but you definitely still live on!


  1. How wonderful! I LOOOOOVE Bettie (as if you couldn't tell) Bettie was my first tattoo too. I also have one on my back. My husband and Bettie share the same birthday, I always thought it was funny that my pin-up idol and he shared the same birthday. hehe. Great photo!

  2. My Aunt, and John Waters have the same birthday too! Crazy!

  3. Wowee what a great photo!!
    Lottie x

  4. Beautiful tattoo! Your hair was too cute short like that!