Sunday, April 18, 2010


I hate pantyhose,they are probably one of the most unattractive things I can think of when it comes to clothing.I mean really who thought of it?I should find them and kick them in the shin.I love stockings.Paired with a garter belt they look amazing and even if you just have them pulled up to your thigh they're still way more comfortable than stockings.

I have some deadstock ones in my Etsy shop right now,both boxes have 2 pairs in each box.They are in a yummy cocoa color which is unfortunate for me,my legs are so white they're translucent so I can't quite get away with them... but maybe you can?

Jodelle Stockings
Corbett's Hosiery


  1. ooh wow those are lovely. I love stockings too but the vintage ones are always too short for me because i've got the thunder thighs going on..LOL amazing color! I don't think ive ever seen vintage ones that dark before, great find!

  2. I love stockings too, they're so elegant and COMFORTABLE, which amazes people when i tell them that!
    The stockings that you've got there are gorgeous. x

  3. Those are beautiful. Alas, I am of the translucent persuasion too. lol

  4. I totally agree with you about icky pantyhose..I am a big fan of the stocking and garter combo. The ones you have here look really sheer and lovely, but also too dark for my fair skin..


  5. I would love to find some original seamed stockings!!!