Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life Works Out in Odd Ways Sometimes...

As I had mentioned a few posts ago my family and I are moving to Alaska at the end of May.It's been stressful planning as it is a VERY expensive move and the cost of living up there is really high.I'm still planning on moving up there but the gods work in mysterious ways sometimes.Though the events are unfortunate in the long run this will be most beneficial to my family.My husband is going to go ahead and move to Alaska at the end of May but due to an emergency in my family I will be taking the kids to California for 6 months.Could end up being shorter,perhaps a tad longer but right now that is the plan.

Watching a family members health decline is heart breaking but its very important to be there for them if you can.I've missed being away from my family and this will give my mother and mother in law a chance to be near their grand-babies for awhile.It will also give my husband a chance to find work easier and a place when he just has himself to worry about and plenty of time to get established up there before the kids,dog and I come up.

So life throws a wrench in your plans sometimes but like I said it really is for the best.Plus I'm a big believer in absence makes the heart grow fonder so it will give me a chance to miss my hubby like crazy again like I haven't since we first started dating and weren't married and together 24/ know familiarity breeds contempt,haha!But no really it will be strange being away from him and I'll miss him like crazy but we're playing the hand life dealt us.

I will still be running my Etsy shop and hoping I can still find many goodies in California.Hoping my old haunts are still around and that the mid-west has spoiled me too much.I'll be leaving at the end of May so I'll probably have my shop closed for about 2 weeks which will be very odd for me but I'm hoping to sell as much as possible BEFORE I leave so fingers crossed the sales fairy is good to me so I won't have to lug it across the country.Needless to say I'm quite a flutter with all this craziness going on and its got me California dreaming.Thought I'd share some California themed goodies I've seen on Etsy with you all.

Love this 1940's L.A scrapbook,yeah I have "old lady" hobbies I love scrapbooking!
Souvenir tablecloth
H Bar C California RanchWear western shirt

California Hankie Pillow
California souvenir apron


  1. wow six months without the husband! that would be hard!! I am sure you will find a lot a vintage goodies in california.

  2. I am loving that hankie pillow~! you are going to be coming back to the shock of high vintage prices on the west coast! :( boo

  3. Wow! That's a huge move! I hope the time apart flies by for you! And best of luck to you also!

  4. Wow, you've got a lot going on! I'll be hoping that everything goes smoothly for you all! That scrapbook is a-mazing! *love*

  5. Life does that to us all the time too. Makes it sucky but then somehow it works out like it was meant to all along. Have a killer sale before you go and I bet you have less to lug!

  6. Where in California are you staying? I live in Ventura and we have excellent Thrift Stores, swap meets & yard sales here! If you want a day in a lazy beach town, look me up! -Amber

  7. What a surprise to make my way here from a blog I read and then see you are moving up here with me. What part of Alaska will your husband move to? I lived my whole life in CA then when my husband retired we moved to Alaska. You can check out my blog I've written for a couple years. Gosh if you wait 6 months to come up here you'll be starting off in winter and miss the summer entirely which is a shame since winter is sooo long here.

  8. Sorry to hear about unexpected life changes. I know how that goes all too well, especially lately. Hope your move goes well. At least you get to enjoy the fine Cali weather before heading up to Alaska and its snowy terrain.

  9. Amber I'll be in the north county San Diego area.

    Nan we'll be moving to the Anchorage area,I'm sad I'll be missing the summer.I've seen the pictures its BEAUTIFUL!I'm following your blog now and I can live Alaska through you till I move up there finally.