Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo coming up in a few days I thought it would be fun to share some Mexican themed vintage goodies with everyone.Being from San Diego and I'm sure anyone living in the south west can tell you its a pretty festive day,here in Indiana not so much as there isn't a huge Hispanic population,it seems to be treated the same as Saint Patrick's day unfortunately most people just use it as an excuse to get drunk with maybe a dumb comment about it being Mexico's independent day *face palm*.

This vintage dangle pin is from my shop and I think it is darling!

Set of 4 Sombrero Glasses

1950s Painted Circle Skirt

Mexican Boho Dress

Vintage Mexican Menu

1969 Glass Cylinders


  1. Very nice! Love the glass cylinders!

    Mom had a spanish dancer painting in the master bedroom forever. I don't know what happened to it. =(

    Born and raised here in southern CA (still here) and I remember the Cinco de Mayo dances we had at my grade school with the fun and colorful skirts.

    It seems though that it's become another day to get drunk around here. =( I mean, with a large hispanic population I hear mariachi music that gets progressively louder as the night wears on, and the whooping and howling does as well.

    I hate to say it, but it gets annoying to have my house vibrate with the loud music and listen to the whooping and barking sounds most of the night. =(

    My neighbors are all very nice, don't get me wrong, but they could tone down the volume just a bit on weekends and holidays... =)

  2. Oh I love Mexicana Items! I live in socal and they are easy to come by. That painted skirt made my jaw drop! I once rented a tiny bungalo on a street between two brothers. They were both Mexican Coyboy types and would have really huge parties for no apparent reason. I loved it when I'd be sittin' on the couch and hear them all sing along to the Mariachi music and burst out the occasional AYE YI YI! They would always invite us over and generally kept it mellow after dark. Their parrot was more annoying than any of the actual party goers. I'd have liked to evict him!

  3. I am loving the menu...making me super HONGRY for chili rellenos!! The dangle brooch is so cute.
    I am from So Cal too, part Mexican myself, and actually have nostalgia over the mariachi at the park.
    Happy Cinco!!!

  4. I've been lucky enough to be in California a couple of times on Cinco de Mayo, loved it! I absolutely love Mexican themed , erm, anything!