Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So I'm a Horrible Liar....

Remember how I said I wasn't buying myself anything else since we were moving?Yeah,I lied.I'll be the first to admit I have a shopping problem.Mainly that is why I took to selling vintage,otherwise you would have seen me on a show like Hoarders a long time ago.
These cuties I was wearing the other day in my outfit post but forgot to do a close up of them so here is the etsy listing photo of when I bought them,they were $10.00!Really,$10.00 so how could I not?

I had a busy day.The zoo by our house reopened so hubs and I loaded the kids and I OF COURSE forgot my camera!After that hubs took our daughter for junk food and home while I took the boy and walked downtown to mail off my etsy packages and also the goodies for both of my giveaway winners so ladies expect those soonishly (what?It's my blog I can invent words its fine) .

I stopped by my friend Jan's antique shop for a minute to catch a break from the heat and dropped off a pair of AMAZING lucite shoes at the cobbler for repair.Seriously I love those shoes and I'm so bummed they were a size too big to those will be making it into my etsy shop soon...I might have to blog about those once I get them back,they're seriously THAT drool worthy.Aw cobblers,yours is a dying trade as we enter deeper and deeper into a throw away nation.Trust me ladies and gents,cobblers can do amazing things so if you have a pair of vintage shoes or even a modern pair you loved to death don't toss them just yet they might be able to be saved!

My daughters 3rd birthday approaches at the end of the month,I've been wanting to get her a Schwinn tricycle and we're lucky to have one downtown...or so I thought.Apparently the lock and key shop next to it was spread over to the bike shop and the bike shop is no more,not even a sign to say they went out of business or moved.The old sign still remains though.



  1. So cute! I know how you feel. I keep buying stuff too.

  2. fantastic find, I love those shoes. I couldn't resist them either..and fir $10...yeah.
    I invent words all the time. can't wait to get my fancy giveaway winnings! :D
    Ands I also can't wait to see better pics of those lucite wonders. We still have a few shoe repair shops here...lost of retirees in my city so places like those are still alive here...for now.

  3. I can so relate! it seems almost everyday that I treat myself to something! I love the sandals! Adorable!

  4. love the shoes. i left an award for you at my blog!

  5. Those shoes are so cute, for $10.00 it would have been a shame not to have bought them!

  6. Des, I was SO BUMMED when the bike shop closed, I'd been meaning to buy myself a Schwinn forever, would go in there and look every couple of weeks - then of course I MISSED that they were closing. BAH!

  7. Man, too bad the shop is gone. That sign is great!

  8. Those shoes are too cute! I love old signs like this. We had a old general store close to my house that they finally tore down but the sign is still there. I should take a picture of it.