Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a Nut...

You know what I find adorable?Acorns.Odd thing to find so cute maybe but really I do.Perhaps partly because they hold fond childhood memories.I played alone a lot as a child.Don't get me wrong I did have friends but as for the majority my social anxieties started early,I was painfully shy,awkward and weird...Now I may not have grown out of it but at least I grew up to embrace it.

I grew up around horses and remember staying all day at different houses of my mothers friends who had them in an area with lots of Oak trees.I'd keep myself entertained for hours making tea parties with the caps of acorns for myself and various imaginative friends.I thought I'd share some of my favorite acorn themed items on Etsy right now.

What?!Acorns AND strawberries?Totally adorable!Vintage Charm Bracelet

Celluloid Acorn Stick Pin

Wooden Acorn Necklace

I am super in love with this clip
This tooled leather belt is from my shop,I'd keep it if it were my size but no dice

Acorn print blouse

Acorn print fabric

Acorn Cake Tray


  1. OoOH I love the vintage charm bracelet, it is WAY too cute and the acorn necklace ahh pure sweetness.

    I don't think it is weird you find them adorable, I also find them very cute.

  2. Oh my goodness! I too am an acorn admirer :) Love all the things you picked out here!

  3. All of those things are darling. I love your belt and the cake server. I was weird and shy as a child, too. My best friends were my books. Haha!

  4. My sister LOVES acorn stuff, so I'll have to point her to etsy

  5. I totally agree, acorns are fascinating. In the past couple of months I've picked up acorn salt and pepper shakers and two small dishes. Can't wait till fall to use them!

  6. That wooden necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Wow what amazing items! I love the acorn print blouse!

    You have got a beautiful blog, so I follow u ;D . I hope u'll follow me too on: www.daddysneatness.blogspot.com . See u soon! Xoxo

  8. nice picks! I love acorns too! Maybe we are all part squirrel?

  9. How cute! I love your picks! You know, the first thing I ever bought from you was a vintage hat with acorns on it, I wear it a ton during the Fall now! :)