Monday, July 26, 2010

Autumn is Almost Here!

Autumn is my favorite season!I keep getting excited to think July is almost over and August will be the transition into the end of summer,start of fall...maybe September,we'll see.Being in southern California I don't think I'll get to appreciate it as much as back in Indiana.That is one thing I will always miss about Indy.Despite popular opinion I do not like Southern California.I know,I know.I must be insane.Oh wait!I am!*insert mad scientist laugh here*.

I just don't like the feeling of stagnation and that's what southern California feels like to me.The weather rarely changes,there is so cycle of seasons.I see so many of the same people doing the EXACT same thing as when I left.Heck,even the radio stations still play the same songs that I use to hear in high school.It is a beach town,my home town and that is what people like about it.For me..well,its not my cup of tea.Plus if you behold my pasty white glory you can see clearly I am not a beach bunny.The sun makes me sick and I don't do well in the heat!So Alaska I am ready for you!So ready!

My hubby has started his job up there which I am thankful for.After over a year of unemployment he's happy to be back to work.And working 12 + hour shifts,7 days a week at that!Its all in cycle with what needs to be done in order for us to all be together again.I've started saving the pennies my etsy shop makes too to help the move along faster.Things here at my dads aren't going very smoothly.Its a lot harder than I thought and to the point without boring you with all the family drama I know he needs to be in a 24 hr. care facility.I came here to help and my help isn't being used properly.If he wants to remain in denial about the severity of things I can't do much now can I?Nope,not so much.But hey A for effort I tried.That's all you can do sometimes with people.

I have to do whats best for my kids and myself and that is being a family again in Alaska.I've been back here a little over 2 months and it feels like so much longer!But a nice surprise today was awaiting me in the mail from my husband,it was a new cellphone.He'd gotten us our Alaska numbers and its an iPhone!I'm not one for technology usually but holy geekery I do adore this phone I really do!I've been having too much fun with the apps today and as you can see from these photos I had autumn attire on my mind!

The vintage red angora beret I got back in Indiana for $1.00 and the cost I got thrifting out here for $2.oo,it had a Pendleton feel to it and I do love me a Pendleton!

And now yes I can take my seat at the circle of iPhone users waxing poetic about the epic amounts of amazing this phone is.Its true.Even BluntCards know the deal.


  1. No, you get an A PLUS for effort. And yes dammit I want an iphone!!!

  2. I dont have an iphone, but I do have an ipod touch (which basically does more or less everything the phone does, apart from its not a phone!) It is quite simply amazing...I can keep up to date with internet, mails etc when I am away from home - and all in that tiny little gadget. Apple is genius!

  3. WOW you are wonderfull ! Beret is definitively for you !

  4. I also love Autumn it's my favourite time of year, so why I long to spend time in Southern California I don't know, I would miss Autumn and Winter a lot.

    Sorry things aren't so easy with your dad, it is never easy to care for anyone, my thoughts are with you.

    And hell yeah I'd love an iphone, I have a Blackberry for my business but I may just convert to iphone this time when my contract expires!

  5. I too love late Autumn.. in California thats about the time when it starts cooling down..I know what you mean I used to live in Cali now I moved to the rainy grey days here..sorry about your tried went through alot to get there and thats just the way it iphone 4 has a cool retro phone booth app.

  6. LOL I love that last picture!
    Autumn is my favorite time of year also. I think it may have something to do with my Bday being in Sept although now that I am getting (Older) I don't really get to extatic about Birthday's anymore. But leaves changing color and crunching under my feet REALLY makes me happy.

  7. Oh I am so excited for you as I see you are going to love it up here in Alaska. I'm wondering where your hubby is working, on the Slope? We do have the seasons here with winter being the longest ones. I can't stand heat either and I spent most of my life in the Sacramento Valley area. My skin is white too and I never tan !! Who knows maybe sometime we can meet as I think you're going to ANC area. I'm down in the Kenai Peninsula in Homer.
    On your Dad. My husband is going through this with his 93 year old Mom, or I should say his sister is really as she is there in Wis. near her. They get into this proud state and really can't see they need help. His mom is wearing out her daughter doing for her when she really needs to go into assisted living, but she says NO I can live alone. Nan

  8. I live in AZ, so close by to you--and I agree completely it is the best season ever.

  9. I love my iPhone too, the most amazing thing ever! Haha :)
    You look so cute in your little red beret.

  10. I have been eyeing your goodies on etsy for a while, and just noticed that you have a fabulous blog. You have a new follower :)


  11. I have a nokia. from 2005. but hey, IT HAS T9 TEXTING! =[. Just don't ever slip 'n slide with your cellphone in your pocket!