Monday, July 26, 2010

Prayers For Vince...

I've met some really amazing people through social networking.I love to support my fellow Etsy friends but sometimes life isn't always fun and games,its not all promoting,giggles and gossip.Things happen sometimes and it can be ugly.It is easy enough to ignore people in their time of need if you don't know them in real life but that kind of indifference I think is where a lot of the problems of the world lay.Something shouldn't have to be happening RIGHT in front of you to care.

If you shop hair bows on Etsy there are tons!Very few stand out but one shop I always thought did even before I befriended her was Roxanne of Original Cenz.Now you'll notice in her shop announcements sadly her 3 year old Vince had a tumor removed from his brain and to date has been diagnosed with brain cancer.He is currently undergoing chemo and radiation.

Roxanne and her husband just welcomed into this world a new baby boy so you can imagine this is a time of mixed emotions for them.Joy over this new life their love brought into this world and the despair of your oldest child who is still just a baby himself struggling with such a serious disease.

The very talented Corissa of Wicked Minky has designed some necklaces for Vince that Roxanne's best friend is selling in her shop here.If you can I urge you to go buy a necklace.Roxanne will also be opening her Etsy shop back up soon to help cover the growing medical costs.

And more importantly do PLEASE pray for him!I don't care what your faith is.Whatever God,Gods,Goddesses,Higher Power or just light a candle or think good thoughts for this little kid fighting for his life right now.I had this cancer scare with my mother but as a mother I can't imagine having to deal with this with my child!Pray for Roxanne and her husband for the strength and courage needed to get through this and pray their new baby boy gets to have a HEALTHY big brother around to protect him growing up as it should be.

The power of positive thinking is so important and this family could use it right now so my dear blogger community please band together with me and Pray for Vince!He can beat this I'm sure!And to Roxanne should you ever get the chance to read this please know that so many of us though we may not have had the pleasure of meeting each other in person think so highly of you and your family.We're touched by your struggle and hope all the best for you and your family!


  1. Oh how sad!!!!!!!!!! :( So so heartbreaking!!! I will pray for him!!! They are wearing Knuckleheads in the photo. I'll pass this on to my sister in law, maybe Knuckleheads might be able to donate money to them. :(

  2. That's very sad. My thoughts and positive wishes are most definitely with them.
    -Andi x

  3. A very touching post. My niece goes in for brain surgery tomorrow so I can fully sympathise with the family. Hers isn't for cancer - its for severve epilepsy, but my sister is beside herself with worry so I can understand the anguish this family must be feeling. Postive thoughts and hope from across the pond :)

  4. All my thoughts and prays goes to Vince and his family. I pray with all my heart for God's mercy.

  5. Shes a real nice lady. They will be in my thoughts.

  6. @Dana oh that would be wonderful if she could!

    @Andi thanks doll!

    @Dolly aw positive thoughts for your niece right back at you.Hope everything works out ok!

    @Olivia thank you

    @Atomic Mama she is and thanks!

  7. How very sad :( My heart and positive thoughts run deep for your friend, her son and her family. You have a heart full of love yourself for being such a kind friend to be there supporting her. Also, reminding us all of how lucky we truly are to have healthy children, friends or family members in our lives. XO to you, Vince, and his family.

  8. Thank you so much for posting this. I had read about this (maybe on her Etsy page) and I am so ashamed to say after some time I forgot. What a luxury I have that I could forget. When as the parent I am sure it is never forefront in their minds. I will not forget again and will be praying for their family.

  9. That is incredibly sad! I'll definitely light candles for them and pray.

  10. Oh how sad, my thoughts and prayers will definitely be with them xx

  11. that's so very sad, my positive vibes are flowing from this side of the pond

  12. Lil Vince is in my prayers. I can't imagine what this family is going through!
    **sending love their way!

    The Rios'

  13. Lots of positive thoughts and love for them! My friends Tasha and Josh had to go through this very same situation when their son Tucker was the same age, as of May 14th 2010 he had been declared cancer free for a year. You would never have thought he had ever had been sick these days. He is normal and healthy little guy. <3

  14. I've been offline for a while now, and have been catching up on my blog reading...when I got to your post about Roxanne and little Vince...I had to take a double take because I couldn't believe what I was reading...I don't know Roxanne personally but I know of her fantastic work, and have chatted with her a few times...she is a darling...and I just can't even fathom what she is going through right now..she and her little family will be in my prayers. Thank you for the post.