Tuesday, July 13, 2010


If you have a love for late 1800's to 1930's purses chances are you've seen and hopefully as I do adore a Mandalian purse.My grandmother had one that I couldn't wait to have,I don't mean that in a "hey grandma!Hurry up and die so I can have your stuff" way,just meant that I've wanted it for a while..My mother let me use it to my 8th grade dance and from then on I'd admire it behind glass where my mother kept it.Well,my mother gave it to me last week BUT it was to sell!Oh the humanity!I can't be too upset about it as I understand her situation.I thought I'd at least share its glory here before some lucky lady out there bought it and it went off to a new home.I also thought I'd feature some others.

Here is my grandmothers Mandalian now listed in my etsy shop:

Here is another on with birds also listed on Etsy and in my opinion is being undersold for what these usually go for so snag it up ladies!

You could slum it and go to Ebay looking for one.Chances are though if you're after a good one though you'll end up losing in a bidding war to someone willing to pay $800.00 for one.I also am not a fan of Ebay,they treat their sellers like garbage so they don't get press on my blog anymore,sorry Ebay!It was a hot,passionate love affair I had with you once upon a time but now like a lot of my ex's I have to look at you and go "what was I thinking?!"

This one is from Go Antique and already sold for $450.00 but I love the gold frame with the rich blue so here it is:
When it comes to user names chances are someone out there has the one you use too.Did you know there is an Art-DecoDame site?I didn't !But aw lawdy does she have some pretty things!For the record I am not her,she is not me,we are not affiliated with each-other,just both dames that share a love of art deco.Here are a few from that site!

*Le sigh* ok folks that's enough internet window shopping for one morning.My little girl spent the night at my mothers last night so I need to take full advantage of trying to get things done with only one kid!


  1. Oh dear, why can't you keep the one of your gradmother's? Its a family heirloom! They are all gorgeous!

  2. Amber,my mom got put into early retirement a few years ago because of cancer.She is now on disability but its a small fraction of what she is use to making so she's been selling off her antiques and such to try and make ends meet.Unfortunately having cool stuff doesn't pay the bills or put food on the table.A lesson I know all too well,which is why I'm not pitching a fit about not getting it.Don't get me wrong I am sad about it no doubt but I understand what shes going through.

  3. These are EXQUISITE. I never knew what this style was called before, so thanks for this info!

  4. I have never seen these purses before - wow they are stunning. I hope you get a great price for your family purse as I think its the nicest of the lot :)

  5. I had to catch up with your recent posts as it's been awhile since I visited. You'll find it nice and cool when you move to Alaska. Our summer so far has had a high of 62, you will adjust. Take care. Nan in Homer

  6. aw Des, I'm so sad you can't keep it. They're all so gorgeous!