Sunday, September 19, 2010

Itchy Finds and A Give Away Question...

Productive week in my neck of the woods.Decluttered more of my dads kitchen (goodbye numerous Jello boxes that went bad in 1998),managed to pay off a credit card (woohoo!) sat and thought about what exactly I need to do to get where I want (which is to be in Alaska with my husband and not here).Also realized we have 3 short months...97 days...till the Yule Tide season,frightening yes?I think so.It also puts a time frame on what I need to do to get things in order so I can spend Yule with my family together again.

In thrifting news I scored myself this eggplant purple vintage wool beret.I love berets but to be more specific I love angora berets.I have a red and a pink one and its like a fluffy little cloud decided to snuggle on my head for a nap.Wool,not so much but its only a little itchy at first so I can handle it.

And just so no one thinks I forgot I started to plan a 300 follower give away when I was in the 290's and here I am at 317 followers and I still haven't done one,boo and hiss to me I know.I wanted to throw together a few things for the give away but all I've come up with thus far is a vintage Corde purse and it occurred to me "hey,maybe you should ask you followers!" So.....what would you guys like to see in a give away?We have to keep it universal which means clothes and shoes are unfortunately out but things like accessories,makeup,hats and jewelry are fair game,c'mon tell me and I can whip together this giveaway before I find myself at 400!


  1. Hats and makeup are always my favorites for giveaways. I am also a pushover for vintage patterns.

    To be honest, most of my vintage blog friends have great taste so I am sure that whatever you choose will be totally appreciated by the winner

  2. Berets I love them and don't own one that would be a good give away. You look darling in them by the way and I like your photo effects there. I wonder if you're going to be up in Alaska soon or when? Winter is close. Nan

  3. Nan as soon as I can I will be there.My husband and I are splitting the cost.He's working on getting a car and a place and I'm working on the cost of moving out stuff up there and airfare for the kids and I.I've saved the airfare part but am hoping my etsy shop does really well with the holiday season coming up so I can move up there quickly. =)

  4. I absolutely adore berets, in fact I probably wear them more than I should. By the way as a strange side note... I just realised what fantastic eyebrows you have! Mine are such a mess right now (carefully hidden beneath my fringe which also needs a trim)but you've just inspired me to reshape them tomorrow!

  5. I to do a tutorial on how you get your eyebrows so freakin amazing!!

  6. That beret was made for you,you look gorgeous!
    I have to 2nd Nan & say a beret would be a wonderful idea.Other than that i think brooches & lipstick are always great .I'm sure whatever you pick will be fab:)

  7. Ohh! Do a fall or winter themed give-away. Now that the weather is getting cooler, its all I can think about!

  8. Both my parents want to move to Alaska too. My husband and I have talked in passing about moving there with them, but I'm not sure if I can handle the weather... I've spent my whole life living in SoCal and Hawaii.

    As for the giveaway, accessories and makeup sound fun!