Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Various Shades of Green...

Since I'm trying to get to Alaska asap I thought it'd help if I kicked up the sales posts a notch.Just a few great green things in my shop right now,enjoy!

green floral dress with rhinestone buttons:

late 60's Red Cross shoes size 5:

70's nylon blouse:

60's shift dress:

light green heels size 8:

plaid apron:

mint green onsie (awwww look how little Wayland was here!):
Lefton Cabbage Cutie condiment jar:


  1. Green vintage is the best!

    love that little condiment jar!

    They whoever they is always use the greatest plaids for aprons but I rarely see the same awesome plaids in dresses which is a shame

    Cute baby :)

  2. I am swooning, green is my favorite color! Those are all fabulous things!

  3. Ohh the greatness of Green.
    Lastnight I looked at myself and laughed. I realized I was DECKED OUT in green from my lounging sweats, tshirt, ponytail elastic, unmentionables (woops just mentioned them) AND to top it off nailpolish and bobby pin. When I pointed this out to my Husband he made fun of me. I just wish it had been St. Patty's day.

  4. I wish I could help you get to Alaska sooner, sadly I'm broke myself :o( You always have fab stuff for sale, I'm often too scared to look!