Saturday, September 11, 2010

Winter Hats...

No secret that I love hats.With winter approaching I figured the kiddies and I would need some "new" ones.Once we get to Alaska we'll be getting lots of use out of them.Yes,style and purpose its a great thing.I say this because in southern California we don't get real weather.We get sun,cloudy and rain and everyone loses their mind when it falls below 68 and swears it freezing,ha!If you do see someone wearing a winter hat its usually a hipster and sorry when its hot and you're wearing a Elmer Fudd hat I can't help but cock my head at you like a confused puppy.I like my 4 seasons and can't wait to get somewhere that has them again.

I found all our hats on Etsy for great prices.Here is the one I got for myself:

Here is the one I got for my darling daughter:

and last but not least here is the hat I got for my oh so charming hat (and holy cow isn't this little boy adorable?!):

The great thing about vintage for children is you can usually find it insanely cheap.Its such a pleasure to get high quality items so affordable at great prices.It is sadly an overlooked market.I see so much little kids clothing that just doesn't look like a little kid should be wearing it.Kids are only kids for such a small fraction of time that I hate to see them pushed any faster than they need to be.

Stores like Ambercrombie making little girls thongs and things of that nature truly disgust me.I would never shop there to begin with because just walking by that store gives me a horrid headache because of the gross overuse of perfume but that kind of stuff just further assures me to NOT to business with them.

I get nonstop compliments on my children when they're in vintage and what mother doesn't LOVE to hear people gush about how cute her kids are?Not one that I can think of.I am eager to get the hats in the mail and have some blog posts of the kids and I in our hats with a winter wonderland background in a few months!Well,I'm hoping a few months anyway.I am missing my husband terribly and am eager to be together again.

Today I also wanted to quickly say that my heart goes out to my fellow Americans as we come upon the anniversary of a tragic day in American history.I covered my feelings on this last year so I don't feel I need to repeat myself again.For those gone know that you are not forgotten,we will never forget.


  1. I love all the hats, I think you made lovely choices.
    Please do model them for us all when they arrive.

  2. I so agree about children's clothing! Children used to look so adorable and like children and now they quite often look too grown up. The hats are all great. =D
    -Andi x