Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diaper Wipes Are My Friend Impatience is Not...

For the utter lack of sleep I got last night I was really productive today.My Etsy shop sold out so I got the pleasure of hunting to restock it today.In my haste to leave I didn't bring Heidi's diaper bag,not a big deal but oh that caught up with me about 1/2 way into our walk.I gave her the first row of a Hershey's bar when I should have broken that into the 3 pieces it allows since less time holding it means less time for it to melt in your hand and if you're a toddler all over your face,arms,legs and dress.Thank the Gods for Oxy-clean I was so scared I wasn't going to get it out of her cute red gingham dress but hooray!It did indeed come out!

It was one of those times when you do something you think "man,I am SUCH a mom".Not left with any other option I stuck my daughters grubby little chocolate covered hand in my mouth and sucked off enough so that she could not make the mess any worse.She was greatly amused by this and I booked it the rest of the way to the flea market where I dashed towards the bathroom and attacked her a wet paper towel which she was NOT so amused by.

Though I shouldn't have since my shop has been doing pretty darn good I did treat myself to something I saw there.Unfortunately I couldn't take it with me but my dear hubby is going to pick it up tomorrow.I won't even mention what it is yet because until I can show you a picture I can do no justice to the kitsh-tastic nature of my vintage find.So you'll forgive me teaser but stay tuned vintage awesomeness is coming soon!

Oh and I must somehow figure out a way to rearrange the living room so I can squeeze in this awesome chair with 2 triangle shaped side tables attached to it I saw at the antique mall,it was only $25.00!!I must make it mine,I must!


  1. HA HA HA HA HA! Only a mom! That's so funny :P

    Looking forward to seeing the picture of your new find!

  2. I can no longer live without diaper wipes!

    Can't wait to see the newest treasure!