Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here Come The Bride..

I listed and SOLD this vintage 60's veil yesterday.It's one of those cases where I really hope the lady bought it for herself and not to resell.I don't mind if someone resells something from me cause heck we all do it to someone BUT I would REALLY love to see pictures of this in use!

I remember when Jan first had the dress and veil come into the shop a few months ago and it was beautiful!I went in the other day and someone had bought the dress but not the poor veil!So I rescued it and luckily it went to a good home out there.I think when I mail it out on Monday I'll leave a friendly little note letting her know I'd love to see her in it!


  1. I love the fringe trim of this mantilla :)

  2. it's too cute!I wish I had found it years ago when I got married. Funny how when you're 16 and say youre never getting married and if you do it will be in black only to actually do exactly that makes for good memories,haha!

  3. Oh how pretty!

    I think this matches a wedding dress I just sold....