Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Ex-Fiance's New Wife...

Oh I know by the title of this is sounds like I have some kind of wonderful drama to tell but proof that you can't judge a book by it's cover such is the case here!I suppose the term "new" doesnt really apply either since many years have passed since my ex and I broke up but even though we didn't stay friends afterwards oddly enough his wife and I struck up a bit of an internet friendship.

Thank you Myspace for making it a very small world.See you can move half way across the country and still "run into" people from the past now,aw the internet.She contacted me and we stay in touch,mostly just talk vintage as she's also a fellow vintage lover. Infact some mutual friends of my ex and I have said she was "eerily similar" but I think they're just being dramatic.... much like when I ordered a grilled cheese sandwhich once and one chimed in "oh his ex before you use to order the grilled cheese " oh no!Really?!Hell,I bet she had 2 eyes just like me too!Ha ha!

Well,in one of our conversations we talked about china patterns we collect.I'm bad as I can't commit to one.I collect Salem North Star and Vernon Ware Heavenly Days.I had mentioned that I also like the Oasis pattern from Franciscan but could never find it and online it was always pricey.So much to my delight I got this in the mail from her last week!


  1. That's amazing! She seems like a very generous person, and it's nice that you don't seem threatened by each other. So refreshing to hear that not everyone acts like they are on the Jerry Springer show!

    I love all the patterns you collect, by the way!

  2. Interesting story very cute I love both. ♥Darla

  3. Tikimama,
    yes she's a total sweetheart.We're both very happy in our relationships and even though things with my ex didnt work out I was never bitter I wanted him to be happy even if it wasn't with me and it makes me happy he's found that with her.I sent her a few vintage children's books and aprons so it's nice to have vintage trade buddies all over the states!

    yeah its nice to not have drama with someone that everyone would expect you to,its uncalled for and I'm happy she contacted me cause she's a really neat person.