Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandma's Jewelry Box...

I've had so much to blog about lately and unfortunately no time so I'm making a feeble attempt to catch up right now.Last week my mother sent my my grandmother's jewelry box!She's sending me more sometime this week.It's not grandma's fine jewelry by any means,I probably won't get that until my mother passes on and trust me I'm in NO hurry for that!She sent my grandmothers costume jewelry though which I love!Also fun fact is I learned my grandmother use to sell Sarah Coventry jewelry so she has A LOT of that.

My mother sent it with the intent to sell what I didn't want to keep and I've listed a few pieces in my Etsy shop so far but there's still more (again never enough time) but here is what I'm keeping.

here's a Sarah Coventry pin & earring set:

I love big brooches to pin to my winter coats!

so pretty!

Everyone needs a kooky fish pin:

rhinestone bracelet & earring set:

love these screw on earrings:

and because every good Irish girl should have one:


  1. I love those big brooches so pretty.

  2. I have stuff just like this....i too got all my nana's dress jewelry and I love it!! I also got a lot of her clothes from the 20's - 50's so i'm very lucky! I love the screw on earrings and the big green broach!
    Sian x

  3. oh thats strange i commented and it didn't work? just wanted to say i too got all my nana's dress jewels I love the earrings (second to last pic) and the big green broach is amazing

    sian x

  4. So, so pretty! I sell Cookie Lee jewelry, so someday my girls will be giving away tons of my "vintage" costume jewelry! Hope some granddaughter of mine appreciates it!

    You've got some absolute treasures here!

  5. Lovely jewelry! Especially the green brooch..