Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On To Better Homes...

I love selling vintage.Besides the fact that it lets me be a stay at home mom it's great to do what you love...unfortunately the pay is unpredictable and often times lousy but I love it and that's what counts.Now as any vintage seller will tell you one of the hardest things to do is let go of some things.Every seller has a bad habit of keeping things once intended to sell and really you can't fault us,some things are just TOO awesome to let go of.

One of my personal vices is curtains!I love,love,make my heart go pitter patter love midcentury drapery!I have boxes full of ones that do not fit my windows that I can't part with,it's sick,it's a disease!Of all the vices out there though it's not so bad...it could be worse,not like I'm robbing old ladies for money to buy crack rocks.

Recently I had a dear internet pal find me on Facebook,he has fantastic taste and when I use to sell on Ebay before I fell in love with Etsy he bought a few curtains from me here and there.As I peeked into his home photos album on Facebook tonight I noticed a pair of the curtains he'd bought years ago are in his guest room and I have to show them off here cause it's a real treat to see the things you love and had to part with go on to a good home that does them justice!

So here are those lovely curtains that just fit so well in the guest room of Mr.Thomas,this fella has good taste,love it and hope you enjoy too!


  1. Those are adorable. I just saw a brand new pair of long curtains at the consignment shop Abode, here in Utah. They are so full of awesomeness!
    I will see if my friend has taken a picture of them yet, if so I will share... It is very difficult to part with one's vintage collection, I finally had to just to make some extra money, and it would have taken me years to list on ebay... But my treasures are sitting with other pretty treasures,and hopefully will be purchased and adored for many more years to come...

  2. oooh! lovely curtains. i am a sucker for midcentury curtains too.

    unfortunately i haven't come across any to fit my windows!

  3. What a great room!!

    I have the same lamps and wall hangings!

    I have bins and bins of vintage fabric stashed. I really should unpack it and part with it. The last 2 pieces I sold did quite well!