Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the Winner Is....

First off a big thank you to everyone that entered and is following me.I'm almost at 200 followers so another great giveaway is just around the corner!Between not finding a pen,the one pen I found being half dead,a teething baby and my computer telling me NOT asking me that is was going to do a long line of updates waking up early to get this post done didn't go as smoothly as I planned.

But I did manage to write everyone's name down,drop them into my Vernon Ware Heavenly Days gravy boat and pull out...Solanah!Congrats lady,I'll be emailing you in a minute to get your address and send these beauties off to their new home!


  1. Yayyyyyy! Oh I'm so excited, this made my morning! Thanks so much!


  2. Darn it! haha Go Solanah. You better rock those things!