Friday, February 19, 2010

Cherry Cherry,Quite Contrary....

Cherries is a love/hate relationship for me.As a food of course I am a fan but in the sense of fashion its hit or miss.Cherries are adorable but anyone that's into vintage can tell you there is a cheesy aspect to the cherry.Done right=cute,done wrong=me rolling my eyes at some Hot Topic dress (oh I sound like a bit of a vintage snob there I know but hopefully you get what I'm saying).

I have 2 vintage cherry items in my shop that I've been wanting to give some press to so I thought I'd make this post an ode to cherry items I love on Etsy.

retro 80's rockabilly revival deadstock cherry print dress

1960's Sarah Coventry Golden Cherries Jewelry Set

Set of 5 Cocktail Party Invitations

vintage bakelite cherries brooch
vintage bakelite cherries necklace
vintage bakelite heart with dangling cherries

1960's cherry print blouse


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that cherry dress with the red trim!

  2. Cherries! Now this is my kind of post - hehehe...

    Great choices of cherry items!

  3. I'm totally with you, sister! 10 years ago, I was all over cherries. Now, I can't help but look at them on any repro/Hot Topic dress, sigh, and die a little inside. Oh cliches, how I loathe you so. But your cherries are the real deal and super cute.

    (PS: Thanks for the cherry print blouse shout-out! xoxo)

  4. I really love that first cherry dress! Great post!

  5. Hey guess what? I have that first cherries brooch and the damn cherries popped off during shipping to me from Ebay seller. SUCK it Trebek.

  6. aw that sucks!Im always praying that one day I'll come across 1 with the stems still in really good condition and for cheap....I can dream