Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Got the Blues....

Eh,winter not my favorite season.I like it for about 2 months and then I am praying for Spring.It's not uncommon to get the winter blues from what I hear and I am definitely feeling them,plus getting a little stir crazy being cooped up inside with the kids,especially a very active toddler who yells at the snow for not letting her go to the park.

I decided to do a treasury on Etsy for my winter blues but for those of you that have ever done a treasury I'm sure you can relate that they are frustrating!For those of you that haven't tried let me explain that there is a small opening for you to make one and try to get in.I was watching for the list to go below 222 so I could get in but when I refreshed the page(as I had done for about an hour)it jumped up from 222 to 459!So I gave up and did a collage in my photobucket account and since I just dont have the patience for trying to get it in on Etsy I'll show it off on my blog.

The only down fall is you cant click on the picture to be directed to the etsy listing so I will do a quick run down to give credit where credit is due,you can just click on the names of the item to be directed to the listing.

First Row (left to right)
vanilla perfume
peacock perfume bottles
earrings (grr go figure I cant find the listing now!)

Second Row

Third Row
ring (shameless self promotion I know I'm bad)

50's dress

Fourth Row
cameo pendant
silk dress
mens shirt

Hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.Looking at pretty things always brightens my day up a bit.


  1. awe! thanks for including me <3 I am feeling blue too

  2. I like your collage! I love those earrings.. and radio.

  3. Cute treasury. I SO can relate with the winter blues, my dear. I want to go back to FL oh so badly.

  4. Sigh... I've got the winter blues too. I want to bust out my peeptoes and sundresses, but it's too bloody cold.