Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cox Sucks and More Peasant Blouses

If you recall I mentioned I'd be getting internet yesterday,it may have been the shortest time frame I'll ever do business with an internet provider,less than 24 hours.The guy who did it was quick and polite but by the time I got the kids to bed and it was time to get some listing done it wasn't working.I walked over to the router and it was hot to the touch and I could smell slightly the lovely smell of burning plastic!

After an hour of being on hold and talking to tech support they determined it was malfunctioning.Oh really?Good call guy,high five your face.Then they transferred me to the office which they didn't bother to tell me was closed already.So I had to call back this morning.

Despite that I was pleasant when I made my call today but due to the kids being awake I couldn't hear the man I was speaking to every now and then because the kids would laugh or yell and had to ask him to repeat something 3 he hung on up me!After that I came to the conclusion that I wasn't meant to do business with them and called back and cut my service and took back the router so they wouldn't charge me for that.I'd rather take a chance of not always being able to get online by borrowing a connection than give them a dime of my very hard earned money.But enough of that nonsense.Good riddance to bad rubbish as they say.

Other than that the day was pretty darn good.Got lots of fun things for myself and my Etsy shop.Since I've moved back here though I haven't come across much pre 1960s vintage though which is starting to drive me a little batty because I like to have a good variety of all decades in my shop...that is kind of a lie because I noticed I keep most of the art deco stuff I find or pull it out if it doesn't sell quickly..sorry about that.But a fun mix of the 1920s through the 1960s with a dash of fun retro 70s and 80s pieces sneak in from time to time too.That's what I like so naturally that is what I like to offer people.

For myself I did pick up a few peasant blouses.This one here fit so its a keeper.I picked up another that was too big so after I give it a good washing it will be making its way to my shop sometime this week.Here is the blouse I'm keeping and Ollie making a grand appearance.

The shoes you couldn't see in the first photo,they aren't vintage but still darling in my opinion.Thrifted these back in Indiana for $1.00.The Converse jeans I got off Ebay awhile ago,for 99 cents,plus whatever the shipping was..

My waist has finally started to show some progress as I've lost an inch and 1/2 off of it.Being away from my hubby isn't fun but being away from his cooking seems to be doing the trick!Hoping to be back in my dresses soon.Jeans are comfy and all but I do miss dressing up.Its very limiting to me.Alright kids I'm out of here for the night.Till next time!


  1. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with the shitty Cox people. That's awful.

    But I do love your peasant blouse and shoes!

  2. Cool shoes - I have 3 pairs of that style in red polka, black polka nd white polka! Very comfy and perfect for summer :)

  3. Ugh. Back in january, my computer took a swan dive. Lost everything.

    Went to the computer store and asked for 8 RAM on my new computer and something called a Time Machine for back-up. Computer geek store kid gave me a 4 RAM and something less expensive than a Time Machine. Dude, I was throwing money at you and you down-sold me?

    Then I get Adobe Photoshop, my one critical program, and it would not install! Brand new computer, brand new program, and 24 hours on the phone with Adobe India trying many many complicated ways to get that stupid program loaded.

    It was a nightmare! lol...

    Glad you took care of your problem too.

    Love the shoes!

  4. Terrible internet people! It amazes me that where ever one goes, the internet companies are all the same - meaning they're all horrible. You look fabulous, love that peasant blouse! I'm glad to see things are going OK :)

  5. argg internet people are a pain..peasant tops are the best and love the bow shoes..I had polka dots shoes like those.. which were very comfortable. I wore the hell out of them ;)
    you always snag great bargains.
    cute doggy.

  6. Cox sucks, dyslexia read it the other way around! You look so cute and I love your doggie. Boston Terriers are my fave!

  7. Sorry you had to deal with them! Ugh

    But this: After an hour of being on hold and talking to tech support they determined it was malfunctioning.Oh really?Good call guy,high five your face.

    had me laughing really hard!

  8. Love the shoes! Lucky you to find such a bargain in a thrift store!