Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hooked on You...

I kind of have a thing for hardware.It could be an ugly door,dresser,cabinet or rack but this attention to detail I have I can overlook bad and adore something just because the knob,pull,handle or some other bit of hardware was appealing to the eyes.I often go without things for a long time because I don't see something I like.I'd rather not settle.I appreciate trying to find beauty in everything and appreciate people that pay attention to detail.

I mean down to the tiniest thing I am about it looking good.For example my husband once bought a cheap white boring soap dispenser for the bathroom.It was ugly and I smiled when the thing broke.I bought a much more attractive one that he raised an eyebrow over because it was $15.00 which he thought was nutty for a soap dispenser.Look if its going to be seen it should look good,right?Yes.Thank you for agreeing with me.*Note:if you're disagreeing with me please throat punch yourself in 3..2..1 GO!Did that smart?Yeah,serves you right,don't ever argue with me on my blog.*

There is no denying I spend a lot of time window shopping on the internet.Trust me if I could act on all the neat things I find I would but someone needs to tell my pocketbook to get with my program!I keep thinking of hooks I want to get for our place when the kids and I finally get up to Alaska.Given that won't be anytime soon but has that stopped me from looking already?Heck no!So here are a few of my favorites I thought I'd share with you.

Bats!I love bats!

How sweet is this lil tweet?!Very!

some rocking red roosters

Is this what they refer to as "whimsical"?Selling on etsy I can tell you I see that term overly abused to the point its comical.So do I know?Honestly I don't even know what that term means anymore at this point.What I do know is if I was a rabbit I'd probably want to hang out on the moon and chit chat a spell too.Rabbit and moon hook you are awfully cute

There are plenty more to see at but moving onto another site with fun hooks I bring you my personal love/hate Anthropologie.I love them because the stuff is cute.I hate them because even their clearance section is too expensive for me but the hardware,not so badly priced!Now a dress from them,pffft!Don't get me started!

Squirrel hook

Owl hook

Another site I could spend hours daydreaming on is (seriously if you are looking to spruce up your place this site is chock full of vintage inspired pieces), here are a few hooks from there that a fab!

Art deco style hook.Simple yet stylish

the streamline hook,this also comes in white and black but I prefer it in the green

DISCLAIMER:if you happen to be looking at this at work DON'T go to those sites just yet.I swear you WILL get sucked in and I can't be held responsible if your boss catches on that you've spent your whole shift window shopping pretty things online instead of working and cans you.


  1. i like all these hooks! I found a really cute cat tail hook out shopping with solonah and a really cute owl one in seattle but it wasn't for

  2. I totally agree don't settle for something ugly and practical, always goes for something beautiful!

    oh yeah and thanks for sending me to yet another fabulous store that I can't get fabulous stuff shipped to the UK WHAAAAA!!

  3. aw Nicole I hate finding things that stores wont sell!

    @Straight talking mama oh no sorry!How stupid!Don't they realize how much business they're missing out on?!

  4. The first two are adorable!

    I'm with you. I think the details, ALL the details are important. =)

  5. I love those Hooks :) My wife would go crazy for the bat one :)