Monday, June 28, 2010

I Love Gooooooooold....

I have 3 pairs of gold vintage shoes in my Etsy shop that aren't my size (otherwise I'd be keeping them,duh!) that I just adore which then led to me looking at MORE gold shoes on etsy that of course also aren't my size but who doesn't enjoy eye candy?And heck if you see a pair at the right price maybe they could be yours!Without further ado I bring you glorious vintage gold shoes!

Here are the ones from my shop:

1970's Delisos

vintage gold Penaljo's

Polly of California mules

A lovely pair from FabGabs which are indeed fab!

80's Saks heels

Blast!these ones from RainbowTrading are marked my size my the measurements provided say otherwise (Vintage sellers please ALWAYS include measurements in your listings!So important!Shoes can differ so much from company to company)

From DearGoldenVintage

Well,that's all the eye candy the kids are going to allow me to share with you for now.Till next time!


  1. I love the one's from FabGab!!

    Sadly, and I think I complained before, they don't seem to have vintage shoes in my size at all boooo =(

    I envy you gals who can wear these little treasures!

  2. what size do you wear?I have quite a few 8.5s in my shop right now and 1 pair of 9's is the biggest I have right now..and of course tons of 5s and 5.5s ggrrrrr!*shakes fist at very,very tiny footed people out of envy,hehe

  3. I love gold shoes! I;m trying to find my favorite sandals from last year in gold too..thats what I get for not buying them then.
    Solanah found an amazing pair of gold heels while we were at that antique store but she put them down somewhere and I couldn't find them or I would've bought them they were GORGEOUS!

  4. I love gold shoes too! I have 2 vintage pair, one remix pair and one modern pair which look vintage, so yeah that is 4 pairs of gold shoes, well hey a girl can never have too many gold shoes can she?!!

  5. Oooh - I love the fourth ones down from the top and the last pair! Gorgeous!

  6. I love gold shoes. I don't have any vintage ones but I kind of collect them. I grew up in a house where gold is considered a neutral color. The ones from Saks are my favorites. Love your blog!

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!