Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Closet,Its Nice To See You Again...

It is SO nice to be able to be able to wear more of my clothes that have been sitting on hangers collecting dust for what seems like forever.Its still hit or miss,somethings I'm not able to wear but it's nice to try something on again and have it fit!Maybe not as flattering as it use to but I'm making progress and that makes me happy.

My jeans are a size 4 and there is some muffin top but they fit!I remember when I had my daughter I made the mistake of packing my size 2's in my going home bag thinking they'd be tight but doable,ha!I couldn't pull them up past my knees!Best advice for any moms to be reading this,don't do that to yourself,you'll be stuck in maternity a wee bit longer.Fortunately I knew better with my son.But here I am in 4's again (sort of).

And no wonder my husband always thinks I'm angry,gee I should smile more.
and my lovely striped blouse is thrifted and I'm so excited to wear it again.I don't think I've worn it in 2 years!Aw,reunited and it feels so good. =)


  1. I just started losing weight after a big weight gain myself. I tried a bunch of my old clothes on this weekend. I'm in the same boat where I can technically get most of it on even though the fit isn't perfect yet. I'm super excited because I feel like it's proof that I can actually wear my old stuff again! Good luck getting to your goal!

  2. thanks Dana!

    @Betty,thank you and good luck to you too!

  3. you look great that top is lovely xxx

  4. the outfit is to die for kitten! i love the look on your face...very confident indeed! I have seen your face around but just really found your blog...and i love it! i have added you to my blog roll...keep it rocken! Cat

  5. Your outfit looks great, very sassy!
    I too have started a major health kick and i'm aiming to get back into all my beloved clothes that are just a wee bit tight at the moment :(

  6. You look great! I need to start exercising. A lot of my pants are a wee bit tight. Haha. I love your top, too!

  7. Hey thanks very much for following me :)
    I've had a read through your blog and love it! So I have followed you back!
    Can't wait to read through the rest of your blog.
    Lottie x

  8. You look great! Always love jeans and a cute top. I try to workout all year round and watch my carbs cuz I gain weight from just looking at a donut!