Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday Funday....

I spent most of this past week dying to get out of the house but was foiled time and time again by rain.Sunday I was met with yet another rainy day but luckily my husband offered to watch our daughter while I strapped our almost too heavy for it son into the baby bjorn,grabbed my umbrella and bag and headed out the door leaving behind a none too happy toddler.

I made amends with her on the way home by bringing a bag of M&M's but sometimes its just too much to bring a toddler AND a baby into antique malls.My kids have grown up in them so they are well behaved BUT Heidi has become her mother's daughter met with a 2 year olds temper...for example these radios,yeah,last time we were in there she told me she wanted them.I told her "yep,you and me both Miss" which was then met with lamenting for 10 min. in the store "but mama I want one Pleeeeeeeeeease".Yes,it's true.My 2 year old was throwing a fit over antiques.And they are swell radios I can't argue that.You'll forgive the bad quality photos please as I am a bad blogger,forgetting my camera and having to use my phone to share with you my Sunday window shopping fun.

This area was just so light and airy,it made me feel like spring was definitely here.Ha!As if the early April showers we not covering that task.

Loved this old card display
My heart pitter pattered over that pink radio and white dress

and my personal favorites of the day embroidered kitties!


  1. What a great place - I love those bakelite radios! I am in the same boat as you - have two kids and only just lost the baby weight - yaah (as a result of sweating it out at the gym a lot I can tell you!). My vintage clothes are pretty tiny (eg waist 26 inches) so it was a struggle but it is great to fit into them. It will take a while (took me 2 years after baby 2) but you will get there!! Best, Maria, Vintage Suburbia (Melbourne, Australia)

  2. I LOVE that couch in the 2nd pic!


  3. Looks like you've got some really great places to browse. i'm 'supposed' to be on a shopping ban for awhile, so it's nice to be able to look without the temptation to buy :) Hope you had a great time with the little guy.

  4. I hate when I walk into an antique mall with children and the clerks have panic written all over their faces. But it feels good when I leave and they see some children are better behaved than the adults. You are laying the foundation for great style in your children.

  5. Do you happen to remember the price of the pink clock radio? I'm always curious to see how prices vary from state to state.

  6. @Lisa that one I think was $35 or $45 I don't quite remember.That shop is all over the place in prices.Some things are insanely priced high and other items Im like OMG SCORE!

    @coedith yes I remember when I first starting going in they'd watch me like a hawk,now they always tell me how fantastic my kids are,haha!

  7. I love antique stores, you can find so much in them! And i think your daughter is going to grow up with her mum's great sense of style :)

  8. Love this vintage treasure of a store!