Sunday, March 7, 2010

Despite Popular Belief a Gal Can Have Too Many Purses...

Too many purses?Normally I would never utter such a blasphemous statement but normally I'm not moving across the country either.We'll be moving in 2 and 1/2 months and I've started packing here and there.That may sound premature but trust me we have a LOT of stuff and with 2 small kids the simplest task can take much longer than normal.

Since I am sort of "stuck" with a diaper bag (don't worry it's fashionable,no Winnie the Pooh draped on my arm thank you) I decided I could start packing up some of my purses since I won't be using them anytime soon.After packing the 3rd large box full I was a little shocked at how many I STILL had!Yes,some spring cleaning of my closet is in order here,once we're settled I can get out of control again but for now I'm parting with a lot of my purses and they're now in my Etsy shop!

Basket Weave Raffia Flower Purse

Boho Wooden Handle Handbag
silver and gold weave purse

Raffia and straw Tiki Purse
Tooled Leather Purse

Dover Purse
Vinyl Wallet
Mod 60s Purse
Faye Mell Purse
Satin Tapestry Brocade Clutch


  1. I never thought I had too many purses...until I moved! Maybe that's the only situation where that's possible

  2. Yep,pretty sure that's the only time "I have too may purses" will ever come out of our mouths is when you have to move them all at once!lol

  3. Ooh, they're so cute! I looove the top one! I'm especially fond of vintage raffia.

  4. Fabulous purses!

    And yes, I agree that moving is really the only good reason to say that you have too many - LOL.

  5. My Hubby has officially put a moratorium on new purses in my world. But I am lovin' the eye candy...especially the Black White and Red Mod Purse. I bet that one gets snatched up first.


  6. too many....NEVER!!! love the ones you are showing!!

  7. That first bag is darling...xo

  8. Ooh, i like the look of these purses, i'll have to take a closer look at these!
    I actually have the opposite problem, i don't have enough purses! Too many dresses though...

  9. I have totally been in your purses before. After I cut back and moved I started accumulating again. I have a buncha basket purses. I'm glas to see you love them too! Cute Blog!