Friday, March 19, 2010

Peasant Tops...

Blame it on my lovely hippie of a mother but I do adore vintage embroidered peasant tops!Mexican,Hungarian doesn't matter.Maybe I'm a lazy vintage wearer sometimes,don't get me wrong I love a form fitting dress and high heels but honestly it's nothing less than silly to try and wear something like that to for example the park when you're chasing an almost 3 year old up and down slides.Those are days I wear jeans but paired with a comfy pair of ballet flats and a vintage top you can still be stylish.

I picked up this Hungarian peasant top in the back of an antique mall a few weeks ago for $6.00,it has a small hole I had to repair but otherwise in good condition.

It almost makes up for this Mexican peasant top which I had gotten for FREE from my wonderful friend Jan the owns an antique shop downtown and regretfully sold almost 2 years ago,so stupid!I know every vintage seller has at least one regret of something they should have kept,this one is definitely one of mine *le sigh*


  1. I hear ya on those days at the park with the little one :)..I can't believe you sold that top!..I am drooling over it. I try to thrift one for myself EVERY time I'm out but have had no luck.

    p.s it doesn't hurt that the style and cut of a peasant top hides the muffin top ( for me that is) LOL

  2. I think about it EVERYDAY and kick myself!Given I needed the money badly at the time but STILL!

    And YES!Another great thing about peasant tops.I wish I had one for every day of the week till I can get my tummy toned up again and also just cause they're super.

  3. ah I literally just posted too about selling stuff I'm not sure about! Great minds huh?

    I know how it is, also I decided no I don't like that any more I'm getting rid or I need the money and then I regret it sooo much! I think more carefully now.

    Only once have I ever put something on ebay and changed my mind in time before anyone bid, I'm so glad I did :o)

  4. I love peasant tops too! Doh! that second top was to die for! You're so very right, it would be super silly going to the park wearing a pretty dress while chasing a toddler around ;)

  5. I think those peasant tops and jeans are way better than throwing on a grungy old t-shirt and sweat pants or something. I'm all about cute AND practical :)

  6. love the top. and i cried a little for you when i saw the one you sold. that was gorgeous.

  7. Yeah, sometimes i really can't be bothered to dress up glam, and that's when my Freddies come out, stylish yet comfy!
    The second peasant top is beautiful, i love the pattern on it. x

  8. Love your new one and love your old one! I remember when you sold that. Crazy person! :) Oh well, I have done some crazy things too.

  9. Oh wow, the second one is gorgeous!! The first is adorable too :)