Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Bits of Black and White...

Sometimes I find that I've shopped with a theme without meaning to.On a recent treasure hunt I came home with these pretties that were all black and white!

The cake topper I honestly have no use for but I thought they were so cute,even with the broken arm bride.My husband and I have been married for 4 years this year but I can't seem to part with it.Perhaps I'll put them to use when we redo our vows for our 10 year anniversary.

This art deco brooch was my priciest piece at only $2.00!

and last but not least this autographed photo of Pat Conway!Don't know if it is authentic but I'm just happy with the photo as I am an old western fan!Once we have a bigger place Wayland will have a 50's cowboy room so I'll probably end up putting it in there.


  1. You can always keep the cake topper around for future daughters/granddaughters weddings!

  2. i love that art deco brooch - is gorgeous!!!

  3. Love the brooch and I can't wait to see what Wayland's room will look like.

  4. For your one armed bride, you can craft a little flower bouquet to cover up her missing appendage!