Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy Days and Running Errands...

Today was anything but glamorous.Lots of laundry,deep cleaning and grocery shopping.Add "mommy can't find time to wash her hair" and a scarf set the tone for my wardrobe today,total lazy mode:scarf,jeans,wife beater and Chinese laundry shoes.

Here is little man waking up from his morning nap making the funniest lil face and myself in all my greasy haired glory.
My daughter however put me to shame as she picked out her outfit today.Lucky girl!I have to let her relish this moment in her life.It is a short time frame where you can wear a tutu and butterfly wings and everyone thinks you're adorable and not insane.


  1. You are so beautiful! Love your big brown eyes...xx

  2. You're too right, no more wings and tutus for us! lol That look on his face is priceless! lol The scarf look is still fabulous and I have to say, you have the prettiest eyebrows!

  3. Damn, look at you...

    I'd still give 20 Majestic lamps to look as good as you do on your bad days!


  4. You still amazing though! I find myself wearing the "couldn't wash hair so stuck it in scarf" look all too often lately, but i don't look as good as you! Your kids are very sweet x

  5. your daughter is adorable and you look hawt

  6. They look too cute :)
    And you still look rocking!! That's ace!
    Lottie x

  7. Scarves are a salvation aren't they? :) you look fantastic doll!